Home Based 6ME Service (Foreign Domestic Worker) by Ministry of Manpower
K2 & Phlebotomists
Billing, Payment, Refund and Cancellation Information

Home Based 6ME Service (Foreign Domestic Worker) by Ministry of Manpower

1. What is the Home Based Six-Monthly Medical Examination (6ME) service about?

Instead of having to visit a doctor at a clinic, your helper may now complete her mandatory 6ME pregnancy and syphilis tests at home.
This service offers more convenience for employers, especially those whose family situation makes it difficult for their helpers to leave their home for specific periods in the day to visit a clinic, e.g. those with care-giving needs. Other employers may simply prefer the added convenience of having the 6ME done at home.

2. What are the benefits of this service?

You can enjoy added convenience, as:

  • Your helper can complete her 6ME at home, and does not need to visit a doctor at a clinic.
  • You will be sent the test results when they are ready, and do not need to collect them from a clinic.
  • You do not need to submit the results to MOM yourself. We will do this for you.

3. How did K2 Medical get my contact number?

K2 Medical does not have your contact number, unless you have previously registered for our service(s) and provided us with your contact details. Otherwise, the Ministry of Manpower notifies employers directly about this new service.

4. How does this service work?

  • Make an appointment with us. Visit the webpage https://www.k2tests.com/booking/postal.html.
  • Ensure your helper is at home during the appointment time. Our healthcare personnel will go to your house to collect your helper’s blood sample and 6ME form, and send the blood sample to a licensed laboratory for testing.
  • We will send you the completed 6ME form within 10 working days after the appointment date. If there were any positive test results, we will also inform MOM for you.

5. How do I/my FDW identify your healthcare personnel during the appointment?

Our healthcare personnel will produce a staff pass (bearing our company’s name and logo, and the personnel’s name and photo) for identification when he/she arrives at your home.

6. Would your healthcare personnel who is drawing the blood sample for my FDW be able to offer professional advice on other health-related concerns?

Our healthcare personnel who is helping to draw the blood sample is not a registered doctor. You may wish to consult a doctor for professional medical advice.

K2 & Phlebotomists

1. What is K2 Medical?

We are a healthcare institution providing solutions for healthcare and health screening. We have a medical clinic with a team of mobile phlebotomists, working with Ministry of Manpower to provide home-based medical examination for Foreign Domestic Workers.

2. Is K2 Medical approved by the Ministry of Manpower?

Yes. K2 Medical is an approved home-based service provider by Ministry of Manpower for your Foreign Domestic Workers’ 6-monthly screening. See details at mom.gov.sg/fdw-6me

3. Is K2 Medical approved by the Ministry of Health?

Yes. K2 Medical is a licensed PHMC medical institution by Ministry of Health with our own General Practitioner Medical Clinic. Visit our ‘contact us’ page to find more information on our Medical Clinic.

4. What is a phlebotomist?

Phlebotomists are people trained to draw blood from a patient for clinical testing.

5. Can I contact my assigned phlebotomist?

Our assigned phlebotomist will drop you a call on the day before your appointment.

6. What happens when the phlebotomist does not turn up on time?

We apologise if our phlebotomist does not show up within the arranged time slot. Be assured that we will investigate thoroughly and remedy accordingly.

7. Are your phlebotomists licensed/certified?

In addition to our detailed in-house training and protocols, all our phlebotomists possess a valid certification in phlebotomy and have verified work experience at recognised medical institutions.

Billing, Payment, Refund and Cancellation Information

1. How do I check whether I have paid successfully?

You will receive a confirmation email with the appointment details once your payment is successful. Do allow some time for the email to reach you or you may check your spam folder.

2. What if my online payment encounters error?

Please try a different credit card or wait for 15 minutes before attempting again.

3. Can I pay cash instead?

Unfortunately, your appointment can only be confirmed after we receive your payment online. Our company policy restricts cash collection at the household.

4. What is the cancellation/refund policy?

No cancellation is allowed once a payment is made. You may only reschedule at least 48 hours prior to your appointment slot.

5. I think I have made double booking by accident. How do I resolve this?

Do contact us at 6588 1322 during office hours or via info@k2withyou.com for us to check for you.

6. My FDW is feeling unwell, is it possible to reschedule the appointment?

Please bring your FDW to the nearest clinic for an examination if they are feeling unwell. Rescheduling will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


1. Are there any hidden costs?

All the associated costs are fully represented and displayed on our ‘services’ page. Prices displayed are all inclusive and there are no other hidden costs. Yes, our home screening for your foreign domestic worker costs $35 nett.

2. Are the fees listed on the website inclusive of transport?

Yes, the fees listed are all inclusive and there are no other hidden costs.